Angelwish Corporate Partner Case Studies

Goldman Sachs - Angelwish approached Goldman Sachs to be our first corporate partner back in 2000 with an idea sketched out on a cocktail napkin. The concept was quickly adopted for the team members and grew in size until it reached global status and necessitated our establishment of Angelwish in the UK. The online initiatives were not only engaging to the company's diverse workforce, but had a significant impact on the productivity of over 10,000 employees who actively chose to save 3 hours over a traditional toy drive experience (travel to a toy store, find gift, wait in line, carry gift back to office, package and mail) by utilizing Angelwish in just 5 minutes. Providing the opportunity for their employees to grant a wish anywhere in the world they had a connection helped Goldman Sachs add $14M to their bottom line while creating a priceless perk for their employees.

JPMorgan Chase - Angelwish created and piloted the Students Give Back program for JPMorgan Chase to engage over 100 employees in New York and Brooklyn. The program holistically connected the bank with schools in its neighborhoods, educated children to understand how they are philanthropists, and enlisted them to help grant wishes to children at local area hospitals by purchasing them through local small businesses. The positive impact generated through this program was enormous. Angelwish pitched JPMorgan's story to the media and resulted in an amazing news interview on WABC 7.
Ciena - Our relationship with Ciena goes back many years and has created one of our most interesting relationships spanning involvement from their global staff. From co-hosting the Angelwish WIFFLE Ball Classic events in Hoboken, NJ and Denver, CO to hosting Angelwish Backpack Packing events during marketing events, Ciena employees have stepped up in ways that often go beyond the norm and loop in clients and vendors to participate as well.

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