2017 is going to be the year of the Student! Help us engage 50 schools this year!

I Want to Help Angelwish in 2017!

Angelwish was founded to help donors like you, stretch small contributions into amazing gifts that touch the lives of children in need, who are living with chronic illnesses, in the most impactful ways possible. Your first gift of 2017 is a perfect way to share the power of giving because it will support our Students Give Back program where we teach 3rd graders in a local school about philanthropy.

We'll ask those students to help us select and send toys for sick children to social workers who will provide the gifts to a mom or a dad in a dignified way so that they can give the gift to their child as if they bought it. This program brings joy throughout the year and encourages families to maintain their medical appointments, thereby improving their health and their opportunity to escape poverty.

Please help us in our goal to engage 50 schools this year to participate in the Angelwish Students Give Back program.

Thank you!

The Angelwish Team