Giving Children the Academic Tools Needed to Achieve a Lifetime of Success.
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This September, when the new school year begins, many children will come unprepared for their first day of school. One in five children do not have access to basic school supplies because of their family's economic circumstances. We have over 394,000 children in New Jersey living in poverty. Thousands of others are living their lives in foster care. Something as simple as receiving a backpack with the tools they need for success can be a life changing experience for a child.

Research shows that when adequately equipped, school children:

  • Have positive feelings of self worth
  • Miss fewer school days
  • Participate more in class
  • Have improved classroom behavior
  • Achieve higher test scores in all academic subjects

The Good news is that YOU can help - and we are excited to help make it easier than ever for you through this digital school supply drive.

Our goal is to prepare and distribute 2,000 backpacks for children in our community between July 27 and August 25, 2017. And we are counting on your support.

Thank you for your support.

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Angelwish helps make it simple for busy people to help children living with chronic illnesses. We make it more efficient, environmentally friendly, and less costly, while increasing the impact of your gift. More

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