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I Want to Help Angelwish!

Angelwish just missed our $25,000 goal for the 2017 holiday, but we won't be deterred. We are going to leave this donation thermometer as motivation to kick things up a notch.

For years, we have worked in an effort to put ourselves out of business. Healthier kids would mean less need for organizations like ours. Well, it doesn't look like 2018 is the year we retire the website. We've seen an increase in need - so we've aggressively been scaling our response and we hope that you'll join us in that resolve.

In this new year, our goal is to increase participation in our Students Give Back program, where we are able to engage volunteers (corporate, college, and high school kids) to teach 3rd and 4th graders about Philanthropy, engaging them with hands on ways to help Angelwish kids. The impact this program has is exponential and has shown amazing promise with companies like Ciena, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan. Join us!

The Angelwish Team

Angelwish in Schools

Angelwish also works with schoolchildren to help them embrace their philanthropic nature. Through a simple discussion about philanthropy, the next generation of givers are on their way to doing amazing things for others.

How We Work

Angelwish pioneered the concept of digital philanthropy at its inception. Adapting innovative technology for the purpose of helping others is in our DNA as we ask the question: How can we help you help others?

Angelwish in Action