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Providing thoughtful philanthropic engagement opportunities for employees and clients has been proven to have a positive impact on the bottom line. But how do you balancing the cost of creating opportunities to engage such a diverse group and making an impact that is greater than the inputs?

Goldman Sachs spent months managing physical holiday toy drives in 15 offices around the world with inconsistent results and minimal insight into employee engagement.

The beauty of our program is that the gift you grant goes to a social worker to give to a parent who is then able to provide the gift to their child. This not only brings joy to the entire support chain, but it encourages families to maintain their medical appointments, thereby improving their health, making them miss less school, and with education, the opportunity to escape poverty.

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Our Story

Angelwish helps make it simple for busy people to help children living with chronic illnesses. We make it more efficient, environmentally friendly, and less costly, while increasing the impact of your gift. More

Where we work

Angelwish works on 6 continents with over 112 Hospitals and Care Centers in the United States and an additional 14 locations in 9 countries.

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