Helping Children and Families Living with Chronic Illnesses for 18 Years!
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Angelwish just turned 18 today and we invite you, your family, friends, and coworkers to help support chronically ill children in need in the most impactful way we can imagine - by engaging students to embrace philanthropy. Your gift, no matter what the amount, makes a difference and is vitally important.

Our Students Give Back program teaches 3rd graders about philanthropy throughout the year. We'll ask those students to help us select and send toys for sick children to their social workers who will provide the gifts to a mom or a dad in a dignified way so that they can give the gift to their child as if they bought it.

This program brings joy throughout the year and encourages families to maintain their medical appointments, thereby improving their health and their opportunity to escape poverty. The best part is that our students really understand how even a small gift, when given without the need for attention, can have incredible impact.

Thank you for your support.

Our Story

Angelwish helps make it simple for busy people to help children living with chronic illnesses. We make it more efficient, environmentally friendly, and less costly, while increasing the impact of your gift. More

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Angelwish works on 6 continents with over 112 Hospitals and Care Centers in the United States and an additional 14 locations in 9 countries.

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