The Power to Change a Child's Life is in your Hands

Our Mission was created to provide the public with an easy way to grant wishes to the millions of children that are living with chronic illnesses around the world. Angelwish achieves its mission by applying 100% of individual donations for program services and that those funds are extended, where possible, to teach young people a hands on lesson in philanthropy. 

Angelwish is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization in the United States and is Registered Charity No. 1141090 in the United Kingdom.

What We Are Best At

What We Do

Birthday & Holiday Wish Granting

Digital Wish Granting for Birthdays and Holidays make an impactful and efficient way to support children in need

International Giving

Angelwish can maximize your giving overseas through our charity partners and your company's matching gift program

Virtual Team Building Events

We organize Digital Video Game Tournaments, Volunteer opportunities, and other inclusive events for teams.

Students Give Back

Get your corporate team to talk to 5th graders about philanthropy and financial literacy. We guarantee that you'll walk away learning from the kids

Sales Kickoffs/Events

Embed innovative philanthropy solutions that will appeal to all into your corporate events like sales kickoffs and holiday parties

Client Gifts

Grant wishes on your client's behalf instead of sending them a box of calories. The personal touch that this makes separates you from the other vendors.

What We Are Best At

Where We Work

North America
Together, we can make holidays and birthdays something to celebrate for children living with Chronic Illnesses all over the country. Find a care center that means something to you. You can grant a wish through the wishlist of items or you can make a donation and we'll take school children on an Angelwish Giving Spree to buy birthday presents for the children we support.

According to the World Health Organization, the increase in chronic diseases is a global epidemic that has mainly been either ignored or seen as less important than other health issues. This is especially true in developing countries. However, the truth is that 80% of all chronic disease deaths occur in low and middle income countries. People from developing countries who develop chronic diseases are also more likely to die from them at a younger age than people in the developed world. This is because chronic diseases and poverty tend to go hand in hand. Impoverished people are usually more vulnerable to these conditions, as they are exposed to more risks and have less access to health services. Chronic diseases also hurt economic development and worsen poverty as people are forced to miss work and pay for medical expenses.

US Board Members

Shimmy Mehta
Founder/Executive Director

A recovering consultant who saw a need to make it simple yet rewarding for busy people to help children living with chronic illnesses

Jim Brinksma
Board Member

A veteran of the Navy, startups, wall street, and countless years of the Angelwish WIFFLE Ball Classic

James Feger Board Member

James is the General Manager of Service Provider for F5 and is responsible for F5’s service provider business worldwide

UK Board Members

Shimmy Mehta Director

A recovering consultant who saw a need to make it simple yet rewarding for busy people to help children living with chronic illnesses

Seeking a New DirectorDirector

We are in the process of seeking a new Director for Angelwish in the UK. Is that you? Contact Shimmy (at)!

Rebecca Kelley Director

Rebecca is the European Product Marketing Manager for where she focuses on developing new wool product opportunities for brands and retailers

Advisory Board Members

Cassie Dymecki Advisor

Cassie is a Sales Account Manager at Ciena and has been involved with Corporate Social Responsibility issues for several years

Dianne Laurenzo Advisor

Dianne brings a wealth of passion and promotional know how to the organization and has been critical in the expansion of our corporate support base

Karen Spencer Advisor

Karen is the Marketing Director for the Public Sector at Ciena supporting global accounts with all marketing initiatives

Grant Holiday Wishes to Children in Need

Angelwish works on 6 continents with over 131 Hospitals and Clinics in 13 countries. Help us provide childhood memories to children in need all over the world.

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