LIGHT Health & Wellness Comprehensive Services

Baltimore, Maryland

For over 12 years, the mission of LIGHT Health & Wellness Comprehensive Services, Inc. has been to promote health and wellness in the community by providing the highest quality information, guidance and treatment services to individuals and families impacted by HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, mental illness, poverty and other long term health challenges. LIGHT Health & Wellness Comprehensive Services is a comprehensive educational and holistic program for families and children whose lives have been dramatically altered by HIV/AIDS. The program provides families access to a supportive network of valuable community resources. The specialized center focuses on all areas of functioning, language and a variety of skills with individualized attention to meet the special needs of children.

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Essential Needs Pack
Donation: $35.00
Item #: 260-1-AWGC -

Support critical items like food, medicine, and hospital transportation at this care center.

Essential Needs Pack
Donation: $50.00
Item #: 260-2-AWGC -

Support critical items like food, medicine, and hospital transportation at this care center.

Red Love Wall Art Decorative Neon Sign
Donation: $42.99
Item #: 260-2 -

a perfect Gift for Isla, a 11-year-old Girl

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger
Donation: $81.49
Item #: 260-7 -

a perfect Gift for Miguel, a 17-year-old Boy

Laser Maze Brain Game and STEM Toy
Donation: $41.99
Item #: 260-8 -

a perfect Gift for Caroline, a 8-year-old Girl

Roku Streaming Stick+
Donation: $40.49
Item #: 260-9 -

a perfect Gift for Zayden, a 14-year-old Boy

Care Bears Bean Plush Set w/Do-Your-Best Bear
Donation: $52.99
Item #: 260-10 -

a perfect Gift for Charles, a 5-year-old Boy

Weighted Blanket -15 Lbs - Twin / Full
Donation: $89.99
Item #: 260-15 -

a perfect Gift for Stella, a 13-year-old Girl

Scrabble Deluxe Edition Game
Donation: $42.99
Item #: 260-16 -

a perfect Gift for Ximena, a 11-year-old Girl

Game of Thrones Boardgame Second Edition
Donation: $51.49
Item #: 260-17 -

a perfect Gift for Caleb, a 17-year-old Boy

Mini Fairy Garden Flower Plants and Sweet House
Donation: $32.99
Item #: 260-18 -

a perfect Gift for Leo, a 11-year-old Boy

Bounce Horse
Donation: $67.99
Item #: 260-19 -

a perfect Gift for Gael, a 2-year-old Boy

Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder
Donation: $33.99
Item #: 260-20 -

a perfect Gift for Athena, a 2-year-old Girl

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube
Donation: $29.49
Item #: 260-21 -

a perfect Gift for Jasmine, a 1-year-old Girl

2021 Apple 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi 64GB)
Donation: $369.49
Item #: 260-22 -

a perfect Gift for Joshua, a 16-year-old Boy

ABC (Baby Board Books & Baby Sensory Books
Donation: $32.49
Item #: 260-23 -

a perfect Gift for Alejandro, a 1-year-old Boy

InnyBin Baby Toys
Donation: $49.99
Item #: 260-24 -

a perfect Gift for Nicole, a Baby Girl

Fire HD 10 tablet 10.1"
Donation: $117.49
Item #: 260-26 -

a perfect Gift for Andrew, a 18-year-old Boy

Grey and Rose Gold Journal
Donation: $24.49
Item #: 260-27 -

a perfect Gift for Gracie, a 12-year-old Girl

Anker Soundcore Wireless Earbuds
Donation: $59.49
Item #: 260-30 -

a perfect Gift for Violet, a 17-year-old Girl

Percy Jackson Boxed Set
Donation: $28.49
Item #: 260-31 -

a perfect Gift for Hudson, a 9-year-old Boy

Fitbit Inspire 2
Donation: $102.49
Item #: 260-32 -

a perfect Gift for Hayden, a 14-year-old Boy

GeoSafari Jr. My First Kids Telescope
Donation: $45.99
Item #: 260-33 -

a perfect Gift for Jesse, a 5-year-old Boy

World Travel Scratch Off Map
Donation: $29.49
Item #: 260-34 -

a perfect Gift for Madelyn, a 17-year-old Girl

3D Pen Set for Kids
Donation: $60.99
Item #: 260-36 -

a perfect Gift for Hadley, a 8-year-old Girl

JBL True Wireless In-Ear Headphones
Donation: $62.49
Item #: 260-37 -

a perfect Gift for Tucker, a 14-year-old Boy

National Geographic Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab
Donation: $40.49
Item #: 260-38 -

a perfect Gift for Ryder, a 8-year-old Boy

Kindle Paperwhite
Donation: $106.49
Item #: 260-39 -

a perfect Gift for Lincoln, a 9-year-old Boy

Osmo Detective Agency
Donation: $62.49
Item #: 260-40 -

a perfect Gift for Audrey, a 7-year-old Girl

LEGO DUPLO Town Big Fair
Donation: $160.49
Item #: 260-41 -

a perfect Gift for Tyler, a 2-year-old Boy

Bonsai Starter Kit
Donation: $29.49
Item #: 260-42 -

a perfect Gift for Daniela, a 18-year-old Girl

Charging Station for Multiple Devices
Donation: $51.49
Item #: 260-43 -

a perfect Gift for Steven, a 16-year-old Boy

Musical Eggs
Donation: $45.99
Item #: 260-44 -

a perfect Gift for Hunter, a Baby Boy

Dancing Hen Toys
Donation: $38.49
Item #: 260-47 -

a perfect Gift for Adrian, a 1-year-old Boy

Stainless Steel Grooming Kit
Donation: $33.99
Item #: 260-48 -

a perfect Gift for Mariah, a 16-year-old Girl