Sunburst Projects

Sacramento, California

Sunburst Projects provides support services to families affected by HIV/AIDS. Camp Sunburst, the nations first therapeutically designed summer camp for children and families, provides coping skills and support for youth as they face the challenges of growing up with HIV/AIDS. These challenges are particularly acute for underserved youth and communities of color. Since 1988 Sunburst Projects has worked to fill a void in HIV/AIDS support services and continues to do so today by focusing on women, children, and family preservation.

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Essential Needs Pack
Donation: $35.00
Item #: 2022-222-1-ENP-AWGC -

Support critical items like food, medicine, and hospital transportation at this care center.

Essential Needs Pack
Donation: $50.00
Item #: 2022-222-2-ENP-AWGC -

Support critical items like food, medicine, and hospital transportation at this care center.

Klutz DIY Rainbow Catcher
Donation: $23.99
Item #: 2022-222-3 -

a perfect Gift for Antonio, a 8-year-old Boy

VTech Wiggle & Crawl Ball
Donation: $28.49
Item #: 2022-222-4 -

a perfect Gift for Liliana, a Baby Girl

Q&A a Day for Me: A 3-Year Journal for Teens
Donation: $26.49
Item #: 2022-222-5 -

a perfect Gift for Valeria, a 13-year-old Girl

Marbles Otrio Wood Strategy-Based Board Game
Donation: $40.49
Item #: 2022-222-6 -

a perfect Gift for Owen, a 9-year-old Boy

WALIKI Hopper Ball for Kids
Donation: $25.49
Item #: 2022-222-7 -

a perfect Gift for Alejandro, a 4-year-old Boy

Cinema Light Box
Donation: $43.99
Item #: 2022-222-9 -

a perfect Gift for Ryder, a 12-year-old Boy

Geckobot Wall Climbing Robot
Donation: $59.49
Item #: 2022-222-10 -

a perfect Gift for William, a 7-year-old Boy

Dr. Seusss Beginner Book Collection
Donation: $36.99
Item #: 2022-222-11 -

a perfect Gift for Jonathan, a 6-year-old Boy

Telestrations Original 8 Player, Family Board Game
Donation: $40.49
Item #: 2022-222-12 -

a perfect Gift for Victoria, a 10-year-old Girl

Razor A3 Kick Scooter for Kids
Donation: $76.99
Item #: 2022-222-13 -

a perfect Gift for Nicole, a 9-year-old Girl

6-Piece Rainbow Nesting Wooden Blocks Stacker
Donation: $35.99
Item #: 2022-222-14 -

a perfect Gift for Aaliyah, a 1-year-old Girl

Magna-Tiles 32-Piece Clear Colors Set
Donation: $62.49
Item #: 2022-222-15 -

a perfect Gift for Ivy, a 4-year-old Girl

Britannicas First Big Book of Why
Donation: $30.49
Item #: 2022-222-17 -

a perfect Gift for Eliza, a 10-year-old Girl

LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR Building Toy Set
Donation: $51.49
Item #: 2022-222-19 -

a perfect Gift for Jacob, a 11-year-old Boy

Crayola Paper Butterfly Science Kit
Donation: $34.49
Item #: 2022-222-20 -

a perfect Gift for Luna, a 8-year-old Girl

Osmo - Detective Agency Educational Learning Games
Donation: $51.49
Item #: 2022-222-25 -

a perfect Gift for Raelynn, a 7-year-old Girl

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Building Toy Set
Donation: $54.99
Item #: 2022-222-27 -

a perfect Gift for Sophie, a 9-year-old Girl

Great Creations Art Center Easel
Donation: $172.49
Item #: 2022-222-28 -

a perfect Gift for Isabella, a 2-year-old Girl

Coding Critters Ranger & Zip
Donation: $38.49
Item #: 2022-222-29 -

a perfect Gift for Elliott, a 3-year-old Boy

Wooden Toy Ukulele in Blue
Donation: $32.49
Item #: 2022-222-30 -

a perfect Gift for Roman, a 2-year-old Boy

Osmo - Genius Starter Kit for iPad
Donation: $50.99
Item #: 2022-222-31 -

a perfect Gift for Alyssa, a 6-year-old Girl

JBL Tune 125TWS True Wireless In-Ear Headphones
Donation: $95.49
Item #: 2022-222-32 -

a perfect Gift for Hadley, a 13-year-old Girl

Apples to Apples Junior
Donation: $27.49
Item #: 2022-222-37 -

a perfect Gift for Sadie, a 9-year-old Girl

City Space Lunar Roving Vehicle Building Toy Set
Donation: $42.99
Item #: 2022-222-38 -

a perfect Gift for Audrey, a 7-year-old Girl

Coding Critters Rumble & Bumble
Donation: $48.49
Item #: 2022-222-39 -

a perfect Gift for Luke, a 4-year-old Boy

Sorry! Family Board Game
Donation: $28.99
Item #: 2022-222-40 -

a perfect Gift for Amir, a 9-year-old Boy

Crayola Model Magic
Donation: $23.49
Item #: 2022-222-42 -

a perfect Gift for Jasper, a 5-year-old Boy

Movo Vlog Kit V7 - YouTube Starter Kit
Donation: $139.49
Item #: 2022-222-43 -

a perfect Gift for Esther, a 11-year-old Girl

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle
Donation: $49.49
Item #: 2022-222-45 -

a perfect Gift for Ariana, a Baby Girl

Baby Toy Zoo Series Soft Alphabet Cards
Donation: $29.49
Item #: 2022-222-46 -

a perfect Gift for Madeline, a 1-year-old Girl

Pigeon Series 7 Book Set
Donation: $53.99
Item #: 2022-222-47 -

a perfect Gift for Samuel, a 5-year-old Boy

LEGO DUPLO My First Animal Train Building Toy Set
Donation: $26.49
Item #: 2022-222-48 -

a perfect Gift for Elizabeth, a 2-year-old Girl