The Children's Regional Hospital at Cooper University

Camden, New Jersey

Cooper University Hospital is an academic medical center committed to world-class patient care, education, and research resulting in a healthier community. The Children?s Regional Hospital at Cooper provides comprehensive pediatric services for infants, children and adolescents throughout South Jersey and the Delaware Valley. The expert clinical staff and the advanced medical technology diagnose and treat the most complex pediatric diseases in a caring and patient-family centered environment that has been distinguished as a state-recognized acute-care children?s hospital. The Epilepsy Treatment Program provides comprehensive evaluation of individuals who have poorly controlled epilepsy. The Southern New Jersey Regional Pediatric HIV Treatment Center at The Children's Regional Hospital at Cooper provides comprehensive, coordinated, family-focused services.

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Nintendo Wall Graphics - Super Mario Bros
Donation: $62.99
Item #: 284-1 -

a perfect Gift for Aubree, a 16-year-old Girl

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab
Donation: $40.99
Item #: 284-3 -

a perfect Gift for Hannah, a 8-year-old Girl

Air Sofa Hammock
Donation: $48.99
Item #: 284-4 -

a perfect Gift for Brody, a 15-year-old Boy

Make Believe Animal Costume Magnetic Dress Up Box
Donation: $32.99
Item #: 284-9 -

a perfect Gift for Kaylee, a 4-year-old Girl

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Box of Books (Books 1-10)
Donation: $92.99
Item #: 284-10 -

a perfect Gift for Josiah, a 9-year-old Boy

Red Love Wall Art Decorative Neon Sign
Donation: $42.99
Item #: 284-11 -

a perfect Gift for Lyla, a 11-year-old Girl

Alesis Portable 32 Key Mini Digital Piano
Donation: $60.99
Item #: 284-12 -

a perfect Gift for Madelyn, a 16-year-old Girl

The Spinosaurus Dinosaur
Donation: $40.99
Item #: 284-13 -

a perfect Gift for Kylie, a 3-year-old Girl

World Travel Scratch Off Map
Donation: $28.99
Item #: 284-14 -

a perfect Gift for Mason, a 17-year-old Boy

Laser Maze Brain Game and STEM Toy
Donation: $44.99
Item #: 284-15 -

a perfect Gift for Ashley, a 8-year-old Girl

3 in 1 Apple Charging Station
Donation: $34.99
Item #: 284-16 -

a perfect Gift for Abigail, a 18-year-old Girl

Dinosaur Eggs Dig Kit
Donation: $28.99
Item #: 284-17 -

a perfect Gift for Malachi, a 8-year-old Boy

Newborn Layette Gift Set
Donation: $68.99
Item #: 284-18 -

a perfect Gift for Graham, a Baby Boy

18 Pieces Stainless Steel Manicure Kit
Donation: $22.99
Item #: 284-19 -

a perfect Gift for Daniel, a 14-year-old Boy

Paw Patrol, Dino Rescue Dino Patroller
Donation: $62.99
Item #: 284-21 -

a perfect Gift for Greyson, a 3-year-old Boy

Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Headphones
Donation: $44.99
Item #: 284-23 -

a perfect Gift for Xavier, a 13-year-old Boy

Dr. Seusss Beginner Book Collection
Donation: $36.99
Item #: 284-25 -

a perfect Gift for Annabelle, a 6-year-old Girl

The Mind - Family-Friendly Board Games
Donation: $20.99
Item #: 284-26 -

a perfect Gift for Brooklyn, a 13-year-old Girl

Indoor Gardening Kit
Donation: $30.99
Item #: 284-27 -

a perfect Gift for Brianna, a 5-year-old Girl

Leather Writing Journal Notebook
Donation: $16.99
Item #: 284-29 -

a perfect Gift for Victoria, a 11-year-old Girl

LEGO Architecture New York City
Donation: $60.99
Item #: 284-30 -

a perfect Gift for Asher, a 10-year-old Boy

Fire HD 10 Tablet - 32 GB
Donation: $98.99
Item #: 284-31 -

a perfect Gift for Claire, a 18-year-old Girl

Fashion Design Kit For Kids
Donation: $46.99
Item #: 284-32 -

a perfect Gift for Madison, a 10-year-old Girl

12 in 1 Stainless Steel Manicure Set with Box
Donation: $36.99
Item #: 284-33 -

a perfect Gift for Melanie, a 17-year-old Girl

Sensory Bin Tools
Donation: $44.99
Item #: 284-34 -

a perfect Gift for Dominic, a 1-year-old Boy

Donation: $56.99
Item #: 284-36 -

a perfect Gift for Ryker, a 7-year-old Boy

Bluetooth Portable Speaker
Donation: $36.99
Item #: 284-37 -

a perfect Gift for Madison, a 15-year-old Girl

Pacman Pixelated Light
Donation: $36.99
Item #: 284-38 -

a perfect Gift for Xavier, a 18-year-old Boy

Contraptions 50 Plank Set
Donation: $28.99
Item #: 284-40 -

a perfect Gift for Riley, a 6-year-old Girl

Coding Critters Ranger & Zip
Donation: $36.99
Item #: 284-42 -

a perfect Gift for Tyler, a 3-year-old Boy

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad
Donation: $34.99
Item #: 284-43 -

a perfect Gift for Ayden, a 10-year-old Boy

Jeep Adventurers Backpack Diaper Bag
Donation: $64.99
Item #: 284-44 -

a perfect Gift for Noah, a Baby Boy

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Ice White Camera
Donation: $118.99
Item #: 284-45 -

a perfect Gift for Emma, a 10-year-old Girl

Roller Coaster Challenge
Donation: $44.99
Item #: 284-46 -

a perfect Gift for Carlos, a 6-year-old Boy

Crayola DIY Craft Kit
Donation: $28.99
Item #: 284-47 -

a perfect Gift for Emmett, a 9-year-old Boy

Fitness Activity Tracker with Low O2 Reminder
Donation: $58.99
Item #: 284-48 -

a perfect Gift for Hannah, a 16-year-old Girl

Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor
Donation: $36.99
Item #: 284-49 -

a perfect Gift for Kinsley, a 16-year-old Girl