Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center

Bronx, New York

For more than 100 years, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center has provided quality and compassionate health care to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay. It would be impossible to retell the countless acts of selfless and extraordinary service that generations of hospital employees have demonstrated. Bronx-Lebanon is the largest voluntary, not-for-profit health care system serving the South and Central Bronx, with 964 beds at two major hospital divisions; a major psychiatric facility; two specialized long term care facilities; and an extensive ?BronxCare? Network of more than 70 medical practices, including the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Center; as well as a 51 unit housing facility for seniors and low income residents.

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Essential Needs Pack
Donation: $35.00
Item #: 295-1-AWGC -

Support critical items like food, medicine, and hospital transportation at this care center.

Stare Junior for Kids Board Game
Donation: $34.99
Item #: 295-1 -

a perfect Gift for Brooklyn, a 8-year-old Girl

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem
Donation: $98.99
Item #: 295-2 -

a perfect Gift for Patrick, a 10-year-old Boy

Essential Needs Pack
Donation: $50.00
Item #: 295-2-AWGC -

Support critical items like food, medicine, and hospital transportation at this care center.

Musical Eggs
Donation: $45.99
Item #: 295-3 -

a perfect Gift for Anna, a Baby Girl

World Travel Scratch Off Map
Donation: $29.49
Item #: 295-4 -

a perfect Gift for Jeremiah, a 17-year-old Boy

Roku Streaming Stick+
Donation: $40.49
Item #: 295-6 -

a perfect Gift for Eloise, a 14-year-old Girl

GeoSafari Jr. My First Kids Telescope
Donation: $45.99
Item #: 295-7 -

a perfect Gift for Alina, a 5-year-old Girl

Charging Station for Multiple Devices
Donation: $51.49
Item #: 295-8 -

a perfect Gift for Alaina, a 16-year-old Girl

Lap Desk with Phone Holder and Device Ledge
Donation: $35.99
Item #: 295-9 -

a perfect Gift for Oscar, a 14-year-old Boy

Stainless Steel Grooming Kit
Donation: $33.99
Item #: 295-10 -

a perfect Gift for Mariah, a 16-year-old Girl

Green Tea Home Spa Set
Donation: $44.49
Item #: 295-11 -

a perfect Gift for Mckenzie, a 15-year-old Girl

BlissLights Sky Lite - LED Laser Star Projector
Donation: $62.49
Item #: 295-13 -

a perfect Gift for Harrison, a 3-year-old Boy

Blanket Fort Kit for Kids
Donation: $56.99
Item #: 295-14 -

a perfect Gift for Emery, a 7-year-old Girl

Crayola Mess Free Coloring Kit
Donation: $34.99
Item #: 295-16 -

a perfect Gift for Cameron, a 2-year-old Boy

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube
Donation: $29.49
Item #: 295-17 -

a perfect Gift for Luca, a 1-year-old Boy

Laser Maze Brain Game and STEM Toy
Donation: $41.99
Item #: 295-18 -

a perfect Gift for Jonathan, a 8-year-old Boy

ABC (Baby Board Books & Baby Sensory Books
Donation: $32.49
Item #: 295-24 -

a perfect Gift for Marcus, a 1-year-old Boy

Fire HD 10 tablet 10.1"
Donation: $117.49
Item #: 295-25 -

a perfect Gift for Hayden, a 13-year-old Boy

Kids Modeling Air-Dry Clay
Donation: $51.49
Item #: 295-26 -

a perfect Gift for Luis, a 6-year-old Boy

Grey and Rose Gold Journal
Donation: $24.49
Item #: 295-28 -

a perfect Gift for Gracie, a 12-year-old Girl

Melissa & Doug Ks Kids Bowling Friends Play Set
Donation: $31.99
Item #: 295-29 -

a perfect Gift for Leilani, a 1-year-old Girl

Anker Soundcore Wireless Earbuds
Donation: $59.49
Item #: 295-30 -

a perfect Gift for Fiona, a 12-year-old Girl

Osmo Detective Agency
Donation: $62.49
Item #: 295-31 -

a perfect Gift for Isaiah, a 7-year-old Boy

Bounce Horse
Donation: $67.99
Item #: 295-33 -

a perfect Gift for Paige, a 2-year-old Girl

LEGO Creator Modular Modern Home
Donation: $117.49
Item #: 295-34 -

a perfect Gift for Vincent, a 8-year-old Boy

Fire HD 10 tablet 10.1"
Donation: $117.49
Item #: 295-43 -

a perfect Gift for Zoe, a 18-year-old Girl

Leather Writing Journal Notebook
Donation: $17.49
Item #: 295-44 -

a perfect Gift for Ariana, a 10-year-old Girl

Bonsai Starter Kit
Donation: $29.49
Item #: 295-45 -

a perfect Gift for Dawson, a 18-year-old Boy

Dressed to Nest Cloth Play Dolls
Donation: $40.99
Item #: 295-46 -

a perfect Gift for Payton, a 2-year-old Girl

Mustela Baby Essentials Gift Set
Donation: $34.99
Item #: 295-47 -

a perfect Gift for Justin, a Baby Boy

InnyBin Baby Toys
Donation: $49.99
Item #: 295-48 -

a perfect Gift for Kaleb, a Baby Boy