Children's Hospital at SUNY

Brooklyn, New York

The physicians at the Children's Hospital at SUNY encompass virtually every pediatric medical and surgical sub-specialty. The Hospital provides the most sophisticated, state of the art medical care available in Brooklyn for the children who suffer from acute or chronic medical and surgical problems. The pediatric faculty of Brooklyn's only medical school takes pride in their role of pediatrics caregivers for all the children of Brooklyn and also as teachers of medical students, supervisors of pediatric trainees and referral resources for their physician colleagues in the community. In April 1996, SUNY Downstate Medical Center created a comprehensive pediatric asthma clinic where patients, their families and community members can be evaluated, instructed in medication and management and become better educated about asthma triggers.

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Essential Needs Pack
Donation: $35.00
Item #: 2022-299-1-ENP-AWGC -

Support critical items like food, medicine, and hospital transportation at this care center.

Essential Needs Pack
Donation: $50.00
Item #: 2022-299-2-ENP-AWGC -

Support critical items like food, medicine, and hospital transportation at this care center.

Dragons Breath - Treasure Hunting Game for Kids
Donation: $34.99
Item #: 2022-299-3 -

a perfect Gift for Jameson, a 5-year-old Boy

Portable Pop-Up Soccer Goals
Donation: $45.99
Item #: 2022-299-4 -

a perfect Gift for Evan, a 7-year-old Boy

Star Projector Night Light for Kids Bedroom Ceiling
Donation: $34.99
Item #: 2022-299-6 -

a perfect Gift for Adaline, a 10-year-old Girl

Graco® Pack n Play® On The Go Playard
Donation: $69.49
Item #: 2022-299-7 -

a perfect Gift for Kayden, a Baby Boy

Stare Junior
Donation: $37.49
Item #: 2022-299-8 -

a perfect Gift for Autumn, a 8-year-old Girl

Plui Rain Cloud Tub Toy
Donation: $28.49
Item #: 2022-299-10 -

a perfect Gift for Isaiah, a 2-year-old Boy

Carpool Karaoke The Mic 1.10
Donation: $36.49
Item #: 2022-299-12 -

a perfect Gift for Aubree, a 12-year-old Girl

Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones
Donation: $38.49
Item #: 2022-299-13 -

a perfect Gift for Zion, a 13-year-old Boy

Bananagrams WildTiles
Donation: $22.99
Item #: 2022-299-14 -

a perfect Gift for Bentley, a 10-year-old Boy

Boon BUNDLE Building Toddler Bath Tub Toy
Donation: $40.49
Item #: 2022-299-15 -

a perfect Gift for Parker, a 1-year-old Boy

VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball
Donation: $21.99
Item #: 2022-299-17 -

a perfect Gift for Jeremiah, a Baby Boy

Portable Baby Changing Pad
Donation: $40.49
Item #: 2022-299-20 -

a perfect Gift for Jackson, a Baby Boy

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
Donation: $47.99
Item #: 2022-299-21 -

a perfect Gift for Kinsley, a 10-year-old Girl

Magnetic Molecular Modeling Complete Set
Donation: $156.49
Item #: 2022-299-22 -

a perfect Gift for Tristan, a 12-year-old Boy

Smart Farmer Board Game
Donation: $34.99
Item #: 2022-299-25 -

a perfect Gift for Vincent, a 4-year-old Boy

Pewi Walking Ride On Toy
Donation: $67.99
Item #: 2022-299-27 -

a perfect Gift for Brantley, a 1-year-old Boy

Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set
Donation: $138.49
Item #: 2022-299-28 -

a perfect Gift for Melody, a 4-year-old Girl

Artie 3000 the Coding & Drawing Robot
Donation: $61.99
Item #: 2022-299-34 -

a perfect Gift for Abraham, a 6-year-old Boy

Magnatab A to Z Uppercase Sensory Activity
Donation: $34.49
Item #: 2022-299-35 -

a perfect Gift for Declan, a 3-year-old Boy

Gears! Gears! Gears! Space Explorers Building Set
Donation: $44.99
Item #: 2022-299-36 -

a perfect Gift for Jesse, a 4-year-old Boy

Mudpuppy Dinosaur Dominoes
Donation: $18.49
Item #: 2022-299-38 -

a perfect Gift for Alex, a 4-year-old Boy

Squishmallow 12" Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Donation: $62.49
Item #: 2022-299-39 -

a perfect Gift for Khloe, a 10-year-old Girl

MEGA BLOKS 80-Piece Building Blocks
Donation: $26.49
Item #: 2022-299-40 -

a perfect Gift for Caroline, a 1-year-old Girl

Microscope for Kids
Donation: $116.49
Item #: 2022-299-42 -

a perfect Gift for Damian, a 7-year-old Boy

Spa Gift Basket For Women and Men
Donation: $29.49
Item #: 2022-299-43 -

a perfect Gift for Jack, a 14-year-old Boy

Klutz Mini Sushi Bar Craft Kit
Donation: $24.99
Item #: 2022-299-45 -

a perfect Gift for Kai, a 7-year-old Boy

VTech Musical Rhymes Book
Donation: $29.49
Item #: 2022-299-47 -

a perfect Gift for Rose, a Baby Girl

Blokus XL Family Board Game
Donation: $34.99
Item #: 2022-299-48 -

a perfect Gift for Callie, a 9-year-old Girl

Design & Drill Space Circuits
Donation: $43.99
Item #: 2022-299-49 -

a perfect Gift for Gael, a 5-year-old Boy

Save Spend Share Toy Bank with Passbook
Donation: $31.99
Item #: 2022-299-50 -

a perfect Gift for Ethan, a 6-year-old Boy