NY Presbyterian - Weill Cornell Pediatric/Adolescent HIV Program

New York, New York

The Program for Children and Adolescents with AIDS at New York Presbyterian Hospital - Weill Cornell Medical Center strives to provide comprehensive care for all children and families living with the chronic illness of HIV/AIDS. Our clinic integrates pediatric care with state of the art HIV options. The philosophy of care is aimed at supporting the social, emotional and developmental needs of each individual child and family living with HIV.

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Essential Needs Pack
Donation: $35.00
Item #: 2022-312-1-ENP-AWGC -

Support critical items like food, medicine, and hospital transportation at this care center.

Essential Needs Pack
Donation: $50.00
Item #: 2022-312-2-ENP-AWGC -

Support critical items like food, medicine, and hospital transportation at this care center.

Coding Critters Ranger & Zip
Donation: $38.49
Item #: 2022-312-4 -

a perfect Gift for Kimberly, a 3-year-old Girl

LEGO DUPLO My First Animal Train Building Toy Set
Donation: $26.49
Item #: 2022-312-6 -

a perfect Gift for Matthew, a 2-year-old Boy

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle
Donation: $49.49
Item #: 2022-312-7 -

a perfect Gift for Nolan, a Baby Boy

Wooden Toy Ukulele in Blue
Donation: $32.49
Item #: 2022-312-8 -

a perfect Gift for Valentina, a 2-year-old Girl

Britannicas First Big Book of Why
Donation: $30.49
Item #: 2022-312-9 -

a perfect Gift for Alex, a 10-year-old Boy

6-Piece Rainbow Nesting Wooden Blocks Stacker
Donation: $35.99
Item #: 2022-312-10 -

a perfect Gift for Kinsley, a 1-year-old Girl

BeginAgain Animal Parade A to Z Puzzle and Playset
Donation: $45.99
Item #: 2022-312-11 -

a perfect Gift for Aurora, a 2-year-old Girl

50 color Watercolor Paint Set
Donation: $46.99
Item #: 2022-312-12 -

a perfect Gift for George, a 8-year-old Boy

Great Creations Art Center Easel
Donation: $172.49
Item #: 2022-312-13 -

a perfect Gift for Amelia, a 2-year-old Girl

Apples to Apples Junior
Donation: $27.49
Item #: 2022-312-14 -

a perfect Gift for Willow, a 9-year-old Girl

Colorful Kids Modeling Air-Dry Clay
Donation: $29.49
Item #: 2022-312-16 -

a perfect Gift for Graham, a 6-year-old Boy

Gravitrax Starter Set Marble Run
Donation: $73.49
Item #: 2022-312-17 -

a perfect Gift for Xavier, a 7-year-old Boy

Crayola Model Magic
Donation: $23.49
Item #: 2022-312-18 -

a perfect Gift for August, a 5-year-old Boy

Osmo - Genius Starter Kit for iPad
Donation: $50.99
Item #: 2022-312-19 -

a perfect Gift for Rowan, a 6-year-old Boy

Baby Toy Zoo Series Soft Alphabet Cards
Donation: $29.49
Item #: 2022-312-20 -

a perfect Gift for Delilah, a 1-year-old Girl

Movo Vlog Kit V7 - YouTube Starter Kit
Donation: $139.49
Item #: 2022-312-21 -

a perfect Gift for Gael, a 11-year-old Boy

Q&A a Day for Me: A 3-Year Journal for Teens
Donation: $26.49
Item #: 2022-312-24 -

a perfect Gift for Patrick, a 13-year-old Boy

Crayola Paper Butterfly Science Kit
Donation: $34.49
Item #: 2022-312-25 -

a perfect Gift for Audrey, a 8-year-old Girl

Klutz DIY Rainbow Catcher
Donation: $23.99
Item #: 2022-312-26 -

a perfect Gift for Valerie, a 8-year-old Girl

Black+Decker Kids Power Tools Workshop
Donation: $68.99
Item #: 2022-312-27 -

a perfect Gift for Hazel, a 3-year-old Girl

Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB)
Donation: $161.49
Item #: 2022-312-28 -

a perfect Gift for Jordan, a 9-year-old Boy

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Building Toy Set
Donation: $54.99
Item #: 2022-312-33 -

a perfect Gift for Declan, a 9-year-old Boy

Razor A3 Kick Scooter for Kids
Donation: $76.99
Item #: 2022-312-36 -

a perfect Gift for Julianna, a 9-year-old Girl

Primary Science Lab Activity Set
Donation: $40.49
Item #: 2022-312-37 -

a perfect Gift for Camden, a 5-year-old Boy

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo True Wireless Earbuds
Donation: $91.49
Item #: 2022-312-38 -

a perfect Gift for Julia, a 12-year-old Girl

Donation: $72.99
Item #: 2022-312-39 -

a perfect Gift for William, a 8-year-old Boy

Elephant & Piggie: The Complete Collection
Donation: $111.99
Item #: 2022-312-40 -

a perfect Gift for Katherine, a 5-year-old Girl

Coding Critters Rumble & Bumble
Donation: $48.49
Item #: 2022-312-42 -

a perfect Gift for Jack, a 4-year-old Boy

Pigeon Series 7 Book Set
Donation: $53.99
Item #: 2022-312-43 -

a perfect Gift for John, a 5-year-old Boy

Geckobot Wall Climbing Robot
Donation: $59.49
Item #: 2022-312-44 -

a perfect Gift for Harper, a 7-year-old Girl

Audio Player Starter Set with Playtime Puppy
Donation: $117.49
Item #: 2022-312-47 -

a perfect Gift for Ximena, a 3-year-old Girl

Wooden Balance Board
Donation: $81.49
Item #: 2022-312-48 -

a perfect Gift for Diego, a 2-year-old Boy